911 Patient Hotline

Providing patient support when you need it. 

911 Patient Hotline

We’ve seen it all! Just like with any aesthetic procedure, there will come a time when an incident occurs that just wasn’t planned. That’s where our 911 Patient Hotline comes to your rescue.

Get patient support for incident or complications until it has been considered resolved.

  • Puckering 
  • Infection Question 
  • Nerve Damage 
  • Limited Movement 
  • Suboptimal Results
  • And more!
A photo of an instructor from YK Advanced Aesthetics showing a student one of many processes from YK Advanced Aesthetics
Dr. Kian Karimi and Francine Young - Founders of YK Advanced Aesthetics

Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi has been using and evolving with absorbable PDO threads in his practice since they were introduced to the aesthetic industry early on. Over the years, Dr. Karimi has published case studies and performed countless research between the differences of PDO threads and its competitors around the world.  


Having done thousands of combined PDO thread lift cases between Dr. Karimi & the Queen of Threads - Francine Young, RN, MEP-C - the pair have seen, addressed and corrected them over the years in their practice.  


Whether you have been directly trained by us or not, we want to assist you with your patient queries. We want to provide you with the resources and possible solutions to help alleviate or resolve your patient complications. Your case won’t be considered closed until your patient incident has been resolved! 


Cost $100 / support queries per patient 

Earn 52 support credit with a purchase of our cadaver or group training!

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